05/27/2020 23:18

$Chesapeake Enrgy Short this and put an order in for 1 cent and just wait. You'll get paid eventually. Horribly run company...
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MAGA 4 EVER05/28/2020 03:49
I am not shorting this stock Einstein. If I were, I could probably find shares to short. You're probably a bitter bagholder of this garbage. LOL! 🤣🤣🤣

SJ Poker05/28/2020 20:37

If you read my previous posts, I have been short through naked calls for months.
And no you could not find shares to short.


SJ Poker05/28/2020 03:08
You cannot short this genius, as there is no stock available to borrow. Your post confirms you have no idea how to trade.
Only way to short is through naked call writing. You can look that up to educate yourself.


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