01/06/2021 13:13

$Clover Health Investments Corp Notice how the virgin bulls are getting mad now lol, they are going to bag holr and are mad this isnt at 50 like they all prericted. rmemevwr giys, buy the rumor sell the news. XL got fomo, why dont you clowns talk about the other spacs that never ran? Dont mention FSR or QS because they all ran due to biden winning the election. this junk is dead.
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All Comments(12)

Off***com01/08/2021 00:37
FSR ran bc of biden? 🤣🤣🤣 what a clown. you made my day though. Keep up the jokes. Following for more laughs


dhi***com01/06/2021 13:40
This guy doesn’t get laid so he comes here acting tough.


Tyf***com01/06/2021 13:30
Ticker switch is tomorrow. Wheres the off button on this moron

probably a doctor01/06/2021 13:34

Friday I thInk


ForLoop01/06/2021 13:28
Lol FSR went down to 9$ and then ran to 30. It was definitely not because of hiden 🤣


Oxoniumion01/06/2021 13:27
Not even close to dead...this is a solid long term hold. Great company with a great future. Everyone needs to stop being so simple minded and focus on the bigger picture.

M@rio01/06/2021 13:28

Long term yes, but short term these clowns think itll fly to 30+ after merger


Colin01/06/2021 13:27
you're an angry little fella.😬


HoodieTuckTTV01/06/2021 13:24


R18***com01/06/2021 13:23
Lol Clover yas a Service in place with growth and Biden said to lower mEdicaid age to 60 Some people just dont know what they are buying

R18***com01/06/2021 13:44

Move along little berry

M@rio01/06/2021 13:24

Lol who buys insurance from walmart you clown? You think the market is going to resct positrvly to a demicrat ran country? Lol


Vladdy P01/06/2021 13:21
NKLA, HYLN, OPEN, GNOG, DM. literally all the spacs have ran


R18***com01/06/2021 13:20
Hmmm FSR’s first vehicle rolled of the production line when? Exactly CoMparing strawberries to dingle berries IMO.


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