02/23/2021 18:19

$Celsion I am in no way ...have any expertise of trading stocks, I've lost hundredsof thousands gambling sports. last year I took out a 20k loan...said let me try my luck at stocks. ended up blowing all of that because I tried day trading and constantly looking at the drops and trading ect...now I look back and say wow the stocks I invested in last year...id be up like 150k today. with that said I just threw 10k into this stock and had said out loud to myself...im not a day trader, I'm deleting these apps off my phone and ill check back in 6 months see where I'm at. I bet I'm up 30k...do the same is my advise
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Jam***com02/23/2021 18:55
Hindsite is 20/20 .Been there done that started with 25k if i keep some of the gems i bought i would have 300k since August


BET22302/23/2021 18:29
Now i think i want to sell and stay away from tbis stock. Im hoping you just had a streak of bad luck and Not bringinb that bad luck here! Lol! Jk! I do hope yoir luck turns around.

631****41002/23/2021 18:38

bought 16k of NVAX at $15, sold at 20....its now 240 lol too busy watching everyday

631****41002/23/2021 18:35

im a winner damnit lol all american college baseball player back in the day. I won the world series of beer pong in Vegas for 50k back to back in 2009 and 2010. Im a winner lol I just didn't know when to "walk away" from gambling. and I didn't know how to stay put on stocks. in 2009 I bought 15k of stock in Netflix at like 27 bucks..sold at 35....and u know the rest lol


SMDhedgefunds02/23/2021 18:29
honestly that's smart and I truly believe you'll be up way more than that. keep that advice and don't sell. months down road this could be 30+ 50+ or higher.

631****41002/23/2021 18:32

I know, I needed to say it to myself out loud...im not a day trader, and im not rich, I work hard, im just trying to give a few people who I think may be in the same boat as the way im thinking...learn from my mistakes. just throw it down and walk away for a few months. im not gonna sit here and cry over losing 100s or 1000s or grovel and be happy that I made $700 in a day...let it ride..see how it plays out. its gonna dip...its gonna go up everyday.


Bad News Bears 02/23/2021 18:23
Your story didn't inspire a lot of confidence.

Bad News Bears 02/23/2021 18:32

I hear you. Good luck man hope you'll make it all back with fat interests this year.

631****41002/23/2021 18:29

I'm speaking out about my mistakes...its hard to break mistakes, but when your "same mistakes" keep losing you money..its time to flip the script a little

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