09/06/2020 16:18

Happy Sunday every one!! Hopefully you managed to survive the last week of market madness!😂 Despite tomorrow being a holiday im still sitting down today to go over last weeks trades and check for potential upcoming plays. Will organize a watchlist broken down later tonight or tomorrow..... so long as it doesn't get blocked which many of my posts have been. I have a question... what is everyone's preferred charting software/apps?
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Ajtrader1234509/06/2020 17:19
Yo what was the book Called you recommended? ”follOwing the herd?”

Bullsdeep09/06/2020 21:51

but other books are "the richest man in babylon" "trading in the zone" and "the intelligent investor"

Bullsdeep09/06/2020 21:50

there are a couple I like. I hate reading so I do the audio books. I think you might be thinking of "extraordinary popular delusions and the madness of crowds" it's a super old semi boring kinda book but has some good info in it. Its just long winded.


Bullsdeep09/06/2020 17:11
I can only see 1 comment here. but could I do what? the watchlist? yeah I usually do each Sunday but they get blocked quick. so I just end up posting under the tickers and then of course under the top gappers or daily hype stocks that most people find eventually any way


Ajtrader1234509/06/2020 17:05
Could you do that?


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