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09/09/2020 06:52

#My Favorite Level 2 Advance (Nasdaq TotalView) Features As you may have heard, Webull has recently established a strategic partnership with Nasdaq to bring all our clients Level 2 Advance (Nasdaq TotalView). #Free Nasdaq TotalView

With Level 2 Advance, investors are able to see in-depth market data, allowing an increased transparency insight into the true supply and demand in the market place. Level 2 Advance also provides the 30 best bids and asks, which gives you information to identify strategic buying and selling opportunities. We have also added an order distribution line chart to show the aggregated volume of 30 price levels.

Discussion topic: Have you been taking advantage of Level 2 Advance? Which useful feature(s) has been your favorite? Discuss below! Constructive criticisms and future feature suggestions are most certainly welcome! Enjoy Tech. Enjoy Investing.
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Disclaimer: The comments, opinions and analysis expressed herein are for informational and educational purposes only and shoulk not be considered as individual investment advice or recommendations. Webull is not responsible or liable in any way for comments posted by pur users.


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All Comments(17)

scu***com09/19/2020 22:23
super confused. i accepted it but where is it on app??? only brings me back to promo page. ugh


Jay42009/11/2020 02:54
if it only worked on OTC market too lol


Jmil09/10/2020 17:25
Will l2 ever include MMID? Really helps to see whos on the board.


KHYATI09/10/2020 17:18


JJN09/10/2020 16:15
v.zn.cncu cne $Eni vv T


you***com09/10/2020 15:00
I think it's a waist of time and completely manipulated. you see large bids or asks then they go away. the institutions see the stop losses and manipulate the stock. how does it benefit the retail investor ? using the tape, or the "tick by tick" is very helpful but if someone can explain to me how to benefit from lv2 I would appreciate it
P.S when I see someone say walls down or when we break the wall at blank price it's going to take off I just see it as manipulation


Rezolution09/10/2020 14:12
Market Data is worthless.....
.... if you can't ever get it right.....

.....and constantly change it anyway......


Sac***.jp09/10/2020 13:02


ehfMinus09/10/2020 12:29
my favorite part is how easily you can manipulate it.

RPTHEGWAY09/11/2020 00:39



nic***com09/10/2020 07:36
Free realtime options quote


HELPme09/10/2020 06:53
its really a joke if not separating orders from each other.

they ARE allow their members to be COMPLETE FUCKING SCREWED!

99.9 people are following and making delicious based on true level two data, THEY THINK this what is being displayed is not true level to do not use it.


rec.life09/10/2020 03:31
RH has it for 5 bucks... so idk what the big deal is about a free trial of L2 on Webull, when the monthly becomes 25 bucks a month. im not that great of an investor, but something here just doesnt add up

RPTHEGWAY09/11/2020 00:40

Or people can just download Think Or Swim like grown ups.


RadCon09/09/2020 20:44
Even though i would like for this to be free, but hey.... Now I just wish it was not so much in cost for us small accounts just getting started.


12345678*********1415161709/09/2020 14:59
playing gullible folks that take L2 data as FACT. You know these big players know you're watching all the time right?

D Rod 09/09/2020 15:20



12345678*********1415161709/09/2020 14:58
l2 data free everywhere else lol, plus you shouldn't be basing intraday/swings off of those spoofed l2 order book.

obe***com09/09/2020 18:47

It should be free but it's not free everywhere. And while L2 isnt the end all to be all it does provide a gauge to a degree bearish and bullish moves in conjunction with other tools.


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