09/16/2020 02:48

23 rd hour money

Please read carefully the new webull rules and regulations very carefully.
I contacted them personally because the abuse level that I receive here it is unbelievable. I’m trying to help make everyone money when we don’t have any and I get told all kinds of things when I go to the proper sources to get my info. that is only pUblicly released.
So please read very carefully because now you’re a responsible with the Sec for anything you do here because and if you give wrong stock info you will be removed from the post etc. even the platform.

We are here to make money and not to bash stocks eachother and give misleading information.

Im sorry as i said i had a very hard day with court so it meant i wasnt here. i have one more sector to post for the week maybe ill do it friday. ill pop in at 3am and give some pre market continued runs but its gonna be a short lived thing.

We are hUman beings please we need to learn respect for eachother and go from there. i do my own math for price targets Based on the financials the company and sec provides. i can do very advanced math in my head and read patterns and charts like no one else.

Stock market has been my number one skill from day one.
Disclaimer: The comments, opinions and analysis expressed herein are for informational and educational purposes only and shoulk not be considered as individual investment advice or recommendations. Webull is not responsible or liable in any way for comments posted by pur users.


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All Comments(5)

ima***com09/16/2020 04:13
damnnnn im glad I try to help people

23rdhrentertainment09/16/2020 05:27

Now none of these bullshit idiots I was over it they were a couple of posts that like had me in tears.


23rdhrentertainment09/16/2020 03:44
Yeah I’m definitely going to get a lot of money out of this place. And I’m putting it all on the stock market right in this app. I’m also trying to get them to get OTCBB and warrants I actually found the contact. And the price that they have to pay is a lot less because they’re not a bank. I think I’ll call them tomorrow when I figure out the hacked phone and all the other issues because it sucks like the place that I live they hacked my phone and they deletls my iCloud my everything.
Very dumb criminals though because I know how to work an iPhone like nobody else and randomly another iPhone is on my profile when I have four whole devices like come on now and then when I tracked the profile of the person put their real first name in and then the iCloud security connected it right to the company. That runs my complex. National level stupidity and they kill people yes my two grandparents were older when they passed but the way they had to pass because of the conditions it breaks my heart. Breaks my heart about my mother who already ms And have to die in her early 60s that’s not fair.
They going to get their day if I can FBI the stock market I can surely FBI any company. I was also if a company releases court filings or anything like that it’s on public record on at the place that they filed it so again I can still find information before anyone else. I’d be completely legal to.


JD09/16/2020 03:17
Thank You for all your help, guidance and knowledge! Looking forward to making that money w/you in the future💰💰💰


she***com09/16/2020 03:03
Appreciate all you do.. Thank you!


@REALdonaldtrump🇺🇸MAGA202009/16/2020 03:01

23rdhrentertainment09/16/2020 03:53

Just send some kind a little checkmark or something and I will get my phone redone because I’m going to re-black phone it tomorrow and I will give you the new secure email and information. I also did email your email at the White House the one that goes directly to you

23rdhrentertainment09/16/2020 03:07

Your welcome now tranparent webull too


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