02/23/2021 00:36

Nasdaq Daily: Broke below the 20 which is know acting as resistance . Found support at gap it created a while back. Negative divergence on both Rsi and MACD. High probability Nasdaq will continue to move lower where it could find support at Fibonacci line at 13461 if it breaks that next possible supports 50ma at 13248 and fibo 12901. We should see a bounce here in the Nasdaq this week, fibo 61% 12900 is the worst case scenario imo.

S&P: Charts here dont look much better but has a better chance to bounce here tomorrow. Hit support at 20 where it held. i think it will most likely break lower before bouncing between 3800 - 3825 area. Negative divergence on both rsi and Macd.
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Scalping02/23/2021 03:30
I think the next sector for cyclical gains will be Agriculture/Food. China has recently started stockpiling food 🤔

I think I remember some of your posts about you being a rancher/cowgirl (as if the pic with the horse doesn't give it away lol) so I'm sure you have an appreciation for the importance of agriculture

Ashlynn02/23/2021 09:30

👍 $MOS and $AVO right now but looking to add mostly to trade not as longterm


Scalping02/23/2021 03:29
Huge rotation out of tech,and into commodities lately...silver, platinum, palladium, lumber, lithium to name a few with huge gains. There is also a worldwide shortage of shipping containers, Asia is paying 3x what they were a year ago to get containers shipped back to them empty (instead of waiting for American exports to be loaded)!

Ashlynn02/23/2021 08:27

Yaw in some of those right now $SLV $AG short term $PCH for lumber side holding that longterm and just picked up $MOS last week. Looking to pickup $LAC had them few weeks back for er Swing since markets pulled back may add them for that Lithium trade. like $VALE and $MP


Scalpace02/23/2021 01:21
Beauty and brain

Ashlynn02/23/2021 09:54



Ashlynn02/23/2021 00:45
Markets will likley trade choppy test of the week. Fed chair Powell gives a report tomorrow which could cause markets slightly move either way. Bidens Stimulus bill will likely be a big catalyst for the markets temporarily. 10yr yield jumped up today to 1.38% before closing under 1.37% if it gets to 1.5% within next 2weeks we could continue to see markets pullback a little. Definitely market positive out way the negative No reason not to be bullish

Ashlynn02/23/2021 09:28


Mjm***com02/23/2021 01:04

Great thanks for the info.


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$Tyme Tech that is how people lose money , they don't understand that it is an opportunity here to load more not to sell, I took screen shots as always and will repost soon when this spikes

I am loading here too, if you don't see that short sellers we're able to tick people out and that's why the drop happened, you have to reconsider trading. you will be losing money. my average here is now so low and I am sleeping on my shares.

I know many people left the ship here and at other tickers because they are impatient, it's their choice, it is better for us who are loading

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