02/23/2021 12:40

pay no attention to people like this. you have to ask yourself are you going to listen to them who will probably make money off you if you sell for loss. or are you going to listen to big institutions who have done their DD and know where this is going through the summer. this is a win-win situation guys! even if the rocket explodes and the cat is dead we all know where this is going through this summer and whoever can't see that is blind check out the DD I left in this person's comment section
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StockyBull02/23/2021 13:00
yeah and by the way we're not following WSB anymore the moderator who was spearheading the situation said that the higher up moderators were taking the reins to get a movie deal. he said he wasn't going to be posting because of the lawsuit situation. and he spoke of their shenanigans and told us not to listen to them anymore. things have been weird ever since the higher up moderators took over. all that to be said this thing has snowballed and it's getting bigger and there's no stopping it it has too much momentum the only thing the wise amongst us can do is show people how not to fall for short and distort tactics. and to not pay attention to little squeezable teddy bears like you. so we can help them save themselves from selling at a loss due to your disinformation. you should be ashamed of yourself if you have puts and are trying to scare people out selling for a loss for your selfish gain it's despicable.

webulljunkie02/23/2021 13:24

i never told anyone to sell dude?!?! πŸ˜† what are you talking about. how long you been trading? I'm not in thia stock at all. just surprised to see people holding onto a dream


StockyBull02/23/2021 12:55
did my own DD and can clearly see where this is going over the summer. whoever can't see it is simply just blind


webulljunkie02/23/2021 12:46
πŸ˜† your a clown bro. dont marry a stock. use your money wisely. do your own DD. dont follow a Reddit thread. be smart with Your money. new traders are getting slaughtered because of guys like you

webulljunkie02/23/2021 13:21


webulljunkie02/23/2021 13:20

I'm pretty sure we are here for the same reason. problem is your causing new traders to hold large bags hoping for something that probably won't come and the money could be allocated somewhere else that will be profitable. to each there own though. no hate here my guy

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