01/05/2021 21:08

$Castor Maritime Inc They have to do a rs to stay listed. they have no intentions to get it Above $1 organically because they did the offering.. call me a short ow whatever you want but when you get burnt by this company over and over you start knowing their pattern.. to all the “longs” tell me why they announced the offering when we were already @.49 half way to obtaining compliance and did the offering for .19?
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All Comments(7)

6tusk01/05/2021 21:11


423****71001/05/2021 21:11
oh the RS is coming...trust me


UPNSMOKE!!!01/05/2021 21:10
there's an extension til june


CMACK01/05/2021 21:09
what are you even talking about?


nck***com01/05/2021 21:09
wait when did they do an offering???


Joker8601/05/2021 21:08
stop with that got till June to be over 1

Red***com01/05/2021 21:14

stop acting like this company is the devil and that is going to suck all your money. do some research on the company first and what it stands for. Then do even more research on reverse splits and how it is advantageous or disadvantageous and find a better reason for why a dry bulk exporting company would want to stay below $1. Literally talking out of your ass Sam. cheers

Sam01/05/2021 21:10

Stop acting like this company is a saint and hasnt burned all its investors and all it does is constant offerings and rs


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