Shaggy 141

01/07/2021 07:33

$Castor Maritime Inc question guys out there this my second day the market closed yesterday and i never sold my shares so my question is when the market opens today will i be automatically be in or i got to buy again to get back in to trade?????? please can somebody answer before the market open i don’t know how this app works thank you
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Aos***com01/07/2021 08:59
Question for you. Why would you jump to buying shares when you don't know how it work? Don't do that son.

Shaggy 14101/07/2021 09:00

yea im going back to cryptocurrency


Pep***com01/07/2021 08:39
Blocked for being a liar and an absolute imbecile

Pep***com01/07/2021 09:13

Any chance you’re bi? Please respond

Shaggy 14101/07/2021 09:02

ok i will putt a spell on you for 30 days for coming out your mouth 👄


phi***com01/07/2021 08:08
at least you ask
go to help screen


@GrandExchangeCapital (IG)01/07/2021 08:05
Damn bro you know nothing trust me, you should get a friend that knows or go on YouTube and search "trading intro tutorial" trust me! a single 10 minute video and you will know so much


Chris Chapman01/07/2021 07:51
if u have shares then u don't have to do anything unless you want to sell. if u sell u have to make sure to check that extended hours r on if u want to trade in premarket/afterhours


Peter0123401/07/2021 07:42
Omg dude Go on youtube or buy a book Seriously


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