01/12/2021 23:05

$Castor Maritime Inc So I just researched the CEO...

Petros Panagiotidis, age 29 is Chairman, President, CEO, CFO & Treasurer of Castor with a degree in international studies from Fordham University.

So a 29-year-old kid, 5 years out of college with a degree that has nothing to do with the industry he's in, handles every business decision, every purchase decision, and the piggy bank? Feels like a scam.
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11**5801/12/2021 23:32
the vessels are managed by his sister, has a salary of about 500k a year each...revenue for 2019 was just over $1 million with 17 million dollars in debt. Currently owns 16 million shares.


11**5801/12/2021 23:20
found him


Selyuvi01/12/2021 23:12
Okay we all Know Bill Gates dropped out from his college...so...WoRds!!

11**5801/12/2021 23:15

true story, though Billy Bob was working on a graphical user interface operating system with one competitor in a market segment in its infancy...commercial maritime shipping has been a thing for hundreds of years.


are***com01/12/2021 23:09
For sure smart enough to get that job all of are making money


Constipator01/12/2021 23:08
Don't buy then, or sell it if you got it!


GuexxWho01/12/2021 23:07
You're right. I just made +65% gains on a scam 🤡

11**5801/12/2021 23:09

as long as you're scalping and not seeing it as an investment good for you


Red Rocket01/12/2021 23:07
do you know who Alexander Hamilton is?

Red Rocket01/12/2021 23:11

lol good one

11**5801/12/2021 23:10

do you?


711***com01/12/2021 23:06
Graduating from that school is like Getting a license to print money.

11**5801/12/2021 23:10

average salary after degree at Fordham is 54,800 a year...


Toobigforshorts🤑01/12/2021 23:06
alright there guy calm down, what are you 50?

11**5801/12/2021 23:12

it is possible, there are large commercial shipping routes through the Mediterranean... I'll have to try to research more about his history

Dani.c.01/12/2021 23:11

He also from an island in the middle of the mediterranean where the primary sources of income are tourism, fishing, and cargo. He may have grown up around the industry and started very young.

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CaptainPicksThemWrong01/12/2021 23:05
let's make some money


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