01/13/2021 00:12

$Castor Maritime Inc Yup! Another green candle forming on 5min. Technically, this should break resistance. BTW Im mainly commenting so much here for anyone curious on what to watch for as far as candles and indicators for a break out - Book levelS are also other things to watch. Are more buys coming in - or sell orders? Beginner info - I love to help lol
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Winthorpe-ValentineInvestments01/13/2021 01:14
sorry, but whats a candle? and how do I spot it?? still learning

OwenTrades01/13/2021 01:26

Youll have to set your chart settings to Candle, they represent a lot of variables


OwenTrades01/13/2021 00:14
Notice the line coming down the boTtom of current green candle - Some ppL call it a spinner, showing a sign of weakness rather than a solid, full green candle


BullerinaπŸ’ƒπŸ‚01/13/2021 00:13
following πŸ₯‚

β˜†β˜…JBβ˜…β˜†01/13/2021 00:14



Beauty&Brains01/13/2021 00:13
Thanks a lot!


Jacob 01/13/2021 00:13
thanks 😊


β˜†β˜…JBβ˜…β˜†01/13/2021 00:12
Thanks my guy


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