Sure Stock Holmes

02/19/2021 01:09

$Castor Maritime Inc so Im curious.....when we gain compliance will CTRM do what I have reviewed other stocks have done?
gain compliance and then dilute shares?...and Ryan stated earlier that CTRM has been using the gains from investors to purchase hopefully for all of us bulls money makers AKA ships that are actually filling contracts. If so that's great but what if....what if another offering is made to acquire more assets...Petros may need more capital if opportunity arises. just a thought.
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Chuckles02/19/2021 01:54
If it happens it wont happen until they get compliance and probably a good 2 day run.


714****58802/19/2021 01:29
This stock’s offerings is nothing compare to NNDM, and look at NNDM now.


RoyIV02/19/2021 01:28
brother this racket is tough enough worrying about what is. sure an offering is possible but therr to be expected with these penny stocks but as long as they keep growing im cool with it. sure it will dip for a bit but then it will recover once they aquire another ship or two.


mamacan02/19/2021 01:24
Always a possibility. I will say that I frequently buy stocks that make offerings. They drop 25% or so & then rise back to their previous levels fairly quickly. Theres no guarantees, but this has been my recent experience.

Sure Stock Holmes02/19/2021 01:55

hmmm sounds like an opportunity if it happens here


Belflord E. Lee 02/19/2021 01:24
that's a question to be answer?


SuperSaver02/19/2021 01:12
I'm asking myself the samething because SHIPS just did that

Sure Stock Holmes02/19/2021 01:12



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