02/21/2021 06:19

$Castor Maritime Inc Reported on January
The company has completed a direct offering of its shares that was announced late last week.
This has it selling 137 million shares of CTRM stock to investors at a price of 19 cents per share.
The direct offering also includes warrants that are exercisable at 19 cents each.
These warrants can be exercised immediately and expire five years after their issue date.
Castor Maritime notes that the offering has the company gaining about $26 million in gross proceeds.
The company’s focus is on international shipping with its own dry bulk vessels.

CTRM is now trading way above those numbers can someone do the math.
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All Comments(5)

Cebu02/21/2021 13:42
This ? Offering was closed January 12 . Thats when i got in @.18 ..


halfcrazy02/21/2021 09:11
thought we had till 11 monday


btccointrapper02/21/2021 08:38
lets see sources.. sir


i said what I said02/21/2021 07:54
thats already happened

cas***com02/21/2021 09:03

Im trying to put a positive note on this.... what i was trying to say was that they Arent trading at thAt price anymore and that they are trading at a highEr price.


btccointrapper02/21/2021 07:37
perfect ill load the mf boat. when this happens

cas***com02/21/2021 09:04

I already loaded 1k at .50 per share


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