02/21/2021 18:19

$Castor Maritime Inc omg enough with the $SUNDIAL GROWERS INC. bullshit, I warned everyone 2 weeks ago to stay away from this deathtrap yet more and more morons are jumping on this ticking time bomb. so many of these pot companies are one bad crop away from bankruptcy, so many people have no clue of the fragility of a crop of marijuana, especially the ones they need to make any sort of noise in this industry. One disgruntled employee with a bottle of concentrated PH raise can take out an entire crop with one 5 second pour into their holding tanks, happens ALL the time, does insurance cover that? You'll be broke investing in pot stocks if you don't know the very very basic basics like this, if this is a wake up call, get out now. Final warning, I have my baby $Castor Maritime Inc to watch grow, nice and slow and steady, a real platform, with exponential opportunities. let's go boys, we have some money to make.
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All Comments(10)

mineALLmine02/21/2021 19:20
I warned these idiots too. none of them did their research on a nearly bankrupt company that was a 20-40¢ stock pumped and dumped by Reddit and WSB clowns 😂🤦🏼‍♂️


Jcm***com02/21/2021 19:01
Its quite hilarious hearing these people talking shit about a stock thats still trippled The amount it was 2 weeks ago....$SUNDIAL GROWERS INC. ..... keep it up.

mineALLmine02/21/2021 19:18

the stock has most definitely went down from what it was 2 weeks ago 😂🤦🏼‍♂️


rae***com02/21/2021 18:44
Stfu no one cares move along the amount of volume in this stock isnt just gonna go away morOn you follow the hype not the stock ... there are plenty of stocks that should be doing better but are not then there are some selling for higher than they should if you dont know how the stock hame works gtfo

rae***com02/21/2021 18:45



Tfad02/21/2021 18:39
when you see ppl posting comments supposedly trying to "save someone from themselves" then you know you got a good stock


NastyBeaver02/21/2021 18:39
You shit sound as bad as Sndl...ahhhahhahahhahahahhahahah


DoctorTHC02/21/2021 18:30
no such thing as a master grower, only a grower with a masters in agriculture.. let that sink in... I only know of 2 growers with actual masters..for real, this is not made up


Blazek9202/21/2021 18:27
Yeah because thier going to let the entry level employee do the grow masters job.

DoctorTHC02/21/2021 18:29

you have no clue do you. most of em don't even have night security. yeah.. seems impossible right.. wrong. but what do I know...


Ang***com02/21/2021 18:23
You are dumb my friend go away

Hardhead👀☃️🍀02/21/2021 19:08

How do you know what he is deep in? Are you deep up his ass?

DoctorTHC02/21/2021 18:25

said someone deep in pot stonks


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