Shamdog Millionaire

02/22/2021 12:05

$Castor Maritime Inc This is a good stock. I’ve been in it since .36. But this isn’t a get rich quick scheme sort of stock. This is a hold for 12-24 months and see how the company does kind of stock. We should see a decent run up like SHIP did after the met compliance. But its not going to see anywhere near the PT of $6-7 until next year. MAYBE EOY near 3. Stop coming on here everyday expecting to see it skyrocket to $10. It has 500million free floating shares... its not a low float high volume runner.
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Sho***com02/22/2021 12:10
You are truly undestimating the amount of ppl who have been pumping penny stocks off of speculation lately this can go to $20 by July the way ppl have been Fomo buying and pumping


843****65902/22/2021 12:08
11 months max! The 2 new ships go back at the end of the year! until anymore news as of right now max 11 months


Justin Webb02/22/2021 12:08
it be 3 soon after that it won't be awhile till it double again


Sure Stock Holmes02/22/2021 12:07
not get rich quick eh?

Sure Stock Holmes02/22/2021 12:21

I should have sold it lol but I got greedy and thought we were going to keep running. Next time....that ass is mine

Sure Stock Holmes02/22/2021 12:19

.47 avg and its real

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