02/23/2021 23:18

$Castor Maritime Inc I sold my 8000 shares at a 400 dollar loss . It takes a week to get a press release on the compliance it wIll gap Up monday next week to 1.50 1.85 range but unfortunately i think its going to gap down tommorw to the 1.00 mark. I could be wrong....i wanted to wait untIl we Regained compliance to sell tho im still with you guys. Will buy more if it dips🙏🏽
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sew***com02/23/2021 23:28
it's possible but I think any pullbacks at this point are healthy and less risky in general. this ticker has shown consistent bull majority signals regardless of short interest or swing traders, so if it does dip, it'll bounce back fairly easily. Once we get earnings for q4 2021/q1 2022 it'll be hard to buy at these premiums though.


F***wsb/reddit02/23/2021 23:25
they say it will drop maybe. but who knows hopebu get in where u fit in and make a killing i can't jump out in at .33 so just hottavrife it out

Tsu***com02/23/2021 23:33

Lol well in since 33 you are safe gaha


Gasmask Dave02/23/2021 23:23
You did what you felt was right Theres going to be a lot if people talking shit but at the end of the day its a learning experience for everyone

Tsu***com02/23/2021 23:27

Listen, ive been in and out of CTRM since it was 30 cents.... i know this tickeR.....the press release always comes 7 days not trading days after the compliance....so i tHink as a 2 week swing its great because im 1000000 percent it will move Up next week.....but this week is a diff story so thats why i sold....


jos***com02/23/2021 23:20
lol everyone who sold is saying it will hit a $1 or .80 tomorrow ....don't get your hopes up

Tsu***com02/23/2021 23:24

Ive been in and out of CTRM for months i know this ticker like my sack.....i hope im wrong dude trust me i want yall to wiN! Ill be back in trust


Benevolent02/23/2021 23:19
paper hands you don't deserve to be with us 🤲🏽🧻


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$Tyme Tech that is how people lose money , they don't understand that it is an opportunity here to load more not to sell, I took screen shots as always and will repost soon when this spikes

I am loading here too, if you don't see that short sellers we're able to tick people out and that's why the drop happened, you have to reconsider trading. you will be losing money. my average here is now so low and I am sleeping on my shares.

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