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02/21/2021 22:02

$Citius Pharmaceuticals Inc Hey guys. Single mom here, new to this stuff. Pretty good with numbers and thought why not? I saw a great opportunity to buy in at 2.06 on friday. Did my research and all the fundamentals are there with this buy. What would be a safe number to sell at? Again im a single mom and dont want take a huge risk. Any genuine advice is appreciated 🙏
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252502/22/2021 04:22
So i am in this at 1.64 i wont sell till 5-6 Than as another comment Said keep half sell half👍

wombats02/22/2021 06:28

word up


Mike Tendiemoon02/22/2021 01:55
Truth be told as a father myself is DONT invest what you can absolutely NOT afford to lose! I am fortunate enough to have a job where i get 2 pensions when I retire and my healthcare is covered (go union!) and i make enough to where i can afford to lose $10k and be fine. If gou are new please just buy a few shares of different low risk stocks, learn to read candles, do some research on the companies, check youtube etc. That being said, CTXR is a strong buy from all the research i’ve personally done, but i am NOT a financial advisor

cannaokie02/22/2021 06:44

mike what union are you in? I'm out of UA local 100 plumbers and pipefitters!

Stocker Mom💰02/22/2021 03:33

Thanks mike appreciate you!! Yeah i have set a little budget for myself, i cant afford to go Vegas crazy with this stuff haha. Its super interesting and fun when you make gains, losses are No fun!! 🤣 but i will say with the losses you def learn What not to do each time. Thanks so much!! 🙏🙏


Treysingz 02/22/2021 01:12
Single and a nurse if you need a baby dady you know where to trey 😎but I called this at 1.36 PT is 2.50-3.00$ But sell at 2.30 if you want to play it safe good luck

Sam02/22/2021 07:35

3-5 more like it

ANXZ JESTER 🔋02/22/2021 01:24

lol my man

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Bostonbaz02/22/2021 00:57
start where you feel comfortable...I started at 10% gains and sell move on don't look back....

wombats02/22/2021 06:26

this is also a good strategy, set a gain goal, and keep the discipline of not going back. I think Mark Cuban said it in the wsb reddit ama, when you get out, you stay out.


Stocker Mom💰02/21/2021 22:33
Thanks guys! Im a nurse and like what I see here. Its fun investing in things you believe in and have some knowledge about. I try not to branch out beyond healthcare stock. Okay guilty confession- I bought a bunch of dogecoin for my 10 yr old once 😂😂
Thanks for the advice you guys rock, I may hold on to this one after all. 🙏👍


Nowy02/21/2021 22:30
This is a great company , i got in at 1.82 , and the truth is that no one can know for sure if the price will go up or down but im confident that this stock will boost a lot , also recommend to not really take much advice from random people on these comments when it comes down to picking stocks , ive lost money for following the hype , i rather do my DD , get in a good entry point and hold long term if a company is undervalued but high potential , and use other volatile stocks for quick profits. Buy dip sell high , if u do not have a margin account with 25k or more do not buy and sell a stock on the same day or you will get a GFV-(good faith violation ) wHich is not good for your account , Spend some time learning the app and their training. Minimize your risk by setting up a stop loss.

wombats02/22/2021 06:24

Yeah, they give you a warning if you go to purchase stock with the gains you just made while having less than 25k. if you sell again, same day then they'll flag you

wombats02/22/2021 06:22

Kudos for your honesty and solid advice on taking it all with a grain of salt so to speak lol.

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wombats02/21/2021 22:28
My plan (not a financial advisor) is to sell half of my shares when it doubles and keep the other half as free shares. This is my current strategy with swing plays to minimize risk and bolster our portfolio. I have 2k shares at about 1.54. Good luck!


917****20802/21/2021 22:24
i wouldnt sell for under 5


Jhi***com02/21/2021 22:13
I would say anything below 2 is a good entry here so youre close. If it dips you could average down

Ton***com02/21/2021 23:07

damn I bought too high. Friday when premarket open it jumped. I got in for 2.11. through out the morning it dip to low 1.70s. end of day broke even.

Beardforgen 02/21/2021 22:17

if you believe in the fundamentals and think it's a great buy. who cares. buy in amd keep adding to on dip days. I have 1850 shares at 1.89.

biggest thing to note. the ceo has 20% of the shares and 11% more is internal staff. amd all of them hold and never sell them.. what does this tell you. ceo used 20% from his own money. this is his 5th breakthrough company in medical field

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