Prime Time Trading

01/07/2021 15:19

$DoorDash Inc There is so much potential here, this company could become the delivery service for nearly every restraunt in America. Who says America is it as well. Don’T be a dummy. If you haven’t researched this and did your own DD then I understand why your confused. This has huge potential. Dont let them fool you!
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Tetsuo01/07/2021 15:21
Yeah with no profit, no diversity, charging restaurants too much, and being worth maybe 1/10 of uber. Definitely listen to this guy. This stock is being manipulated 100%

Pollux01/10/2021 09:17

As experienced driver, doordash is definitely taking over others- Unfortunately - but im not buying until it reaches the lowest number.

Prime Time Trading01/07/2021 22:30

🀑 When you think DoorDash is worth more that UBER and ABNB... you deserve to lose your money. Read one book about investing please.

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