01/07/2021 22:42

$3D Systems Technically, this isnt a cup and handle if thE price didnt DROP, to form the first run up to the peak of the start of the cup. A cup and handle forms on the REVERSAL Of a falling stock. Not when something approaches the 52 Week high on a 120% gain in one day. Im pretty bullish usually but if you look back at this stocks history, This is a pretty normal hold before the fall. may not be tomorrow, but without some real news its gonna be an ugly crash.
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All Comments(9)

Young Bull01/07/2021 23:26
Bet it drops at least $2 . people going to take profits tomorrow

@Trevor01/07/2021 23:29

No reason to hold, im thinking its back to 18 by next week. Profit taking before the weekend On a runner is the smart move.


Lucas01/07/2021 23:22
Dont forget the rockets @@Trevor 😂

Lucas01/07/2021 23:35


@Trevor01/07/2021 23:26

Shoot my guess is worth more than my money, im gonna follow it through and see what happens. a lot if runners have been holding strong. fact is its a rough time to buy puts in this market, and trading options is a gamble either way you go.


@Trevor01/07/2021 23:20
Also, To clear things up, i dont really care what way it goes, just getting involved 😂, Whats the point of the community portion if this platform if all you donis post memes and energy, sometimes people want to see opinions based on facts.


@Trevor01/07/2021 23:16
Look familiar?


Samuel J Leo01/07/2021 23:12
you know they've been saying that at $UNIV SEC INSTR unfortunately that's just not the case 😂


Lucas01/07/2021 23:08


StockGenius9201/07/2021 23:04
this guy is 100% wrong

Lucas01/07/2021 23:13

No one is 100% wrong. No one ever knows the future and everyones input is valid
Unless you know the future! If so, Please share

@Trevor01/07/2021 23:08

Thats an invalid statement. I may be partially wrong, but i didnt just make up what O’Niel wrote. But who knows what the stock will actually do, The market is pretty crazy these days.


Lucas01/07/2021 22:58
Cup and handle is also valid on an increase in price though. ill likely eat my words (and lose money), but I dont think it would have held this long unless its staying sideways or going back up, no matter how much or how little.

Lucas01/07/2021 23:08

Hopefully thats not the case. What im seeing is steady for now but tomorrow will tell. just sucks its a Friday. that wont work in our favor

@Trevor01/07/2021 23:05

I usually agree, but looking back at the chart, seems like history migh releat itself, 🤷‍♂️ hard to say. may run a little more, but i doubt it holds.


Lsu***com01/07/2021 22:52
Thank you!!! this is not holding


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