11/11/2020 15:30

$Digital Ally To everybody whos selling, i want yall To know something , You will miss out on Big Gains. my reason for saying that is, because trump will be re-elected. And when he does, Good ole Antifa and the left will riot. and This will shootup. i say hes gonna win because, So many Investigations is going on with the Election. And its already been revealed that, so many Votes that biden has, have been required in a fraudulent way. From people Adding Fake votes, to people registering dead people to vote. and not only that, there was also malfunctiona with the voting machine in a couple states. where the Votes went to biden instead of Trump. which they have now fixed. And with How things going, ita pointing to Trump being Re-elected. So im telling yall now, dont sell but buy more. because once trump is re-elected , there will be riots.
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All Comments(7)

10percent11/11/2020 18:03

Dman11/11/2020 18:45

Whos that guy?? He Handsome as Hell


Day Traitor11/11/2020 16:56
There's going to be riots no matter who wins. The Proud Boys are itching to start shit and if Biden wins you know they will.

Dman11/11/2020 17:40

And The proud boys havent rioted yet.


Kash11/11/2020 16:55
No we wont

Dman11/11/2020 17:39

Yes yall will!! Yall been Rioting for the last couple months Lol


Terry11/11/2020 16:50
I always take financial advice from people that cant even spell.

Dman11/11/2020 17:40

Yeah i can spell and you can’t use proper punctuation .


KP11/11/2020 16:08
Voter fraud happens more often then you think πŸ’€ there might even have been Voter fraud in trumps side too if biden did the investiagtion on that biden still would’ve won

Dman11/11/2020 17:03

Sorry but Biden was losing!! Thats why they waited tIll most of the votes was counted and then, Stopped counting the votes that night, And waited till the next day so, They could add the needed votes to biden so, He could win. But now that a investigation is going on, Everything is being revealed. Just wait, Trump will Win.


10percent11/11/2020 15:54
Biden is Your next president. deal with it you Clown πŸ€‘πŸ€‘πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Dman11/11/2020 17:44

Keep that same energy πŸ˜‚! Cause imma be back in January when, Trump is re-elected. And Imma laugh in your face Lol. You dumber than a shoe string is you think biden has won Lol.

10percent11/11/2020 17:07

🀑🀑 Everyone is projecting except the clown Trump supporters. Get back to your safe space snowflake πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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