01/07/2021 13:23

$Digital Ally $DGLY the whole thesis of this stock going up is based on the continuity of riots. Not happening!! People died yesterday. I don’t care what your political views are, it’s not worth your life. BLM lasted for WEEKS and encompassed multiple races uniting as one. These riots are based on one political party that divides a nation that’s tired of fighting one another. On top of all that they already showed their hand with a retracted offering. No smart investor will put money behind that. Trade smart, not hard people. United We Stand, Divided We Fall!
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Basically Retired01/07/2021 13:50
When people wonder how race worshipping savages spoke to people and somehow convinced them of their ideas in times past your comment would make a simple text book example to display the subtly of such insidious individuals.

615****63301/07/2021 13:56

Your profile picture is a great representation of your intellect. Good luck getting your money back when they resume the offering trailor park boy. That show was horrible btw 😂


Zbb***com01/07/2021 13:49
trying to profit from those puts huh

615****63301/07/2021 14:01

Im trying to prevent rookies from losing money. We can all win


julius_irl01/07/2021 13:29
People died during the BLM BS too...

615****63301/07/2021 13:59

Breyonna Taylor was sleep in her bed. Never met someone that was capable of making choices in their sleep

Uglyevo 01/07/2021 13:39

They were all choices

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Maz***com01/07/2021 13:28
short lose your shorts


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