05/05/2020 20:47

$DHT Holdings DHT Q1 Balance Sheet key take-aways:
+178% Net Revenue increase YoY for Q1
+408% EPS increase YoY for Q1
+560% divident increase YoY for Q1

*Paid $72M of their debt this quarter.
*Increased their cash by $8.5M

**This was based off the average rate of $65K per day.
Bottom of release states that so far for Q2 They are averaging $110K per day
DHT Holdings-0
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All Comments(6)

📨 itmdiscord@gmail05/06/2020 13:58
I bet you didn't saw this coming? I did.


📨 itmdiscord@gmail05/05/2020 21:12
here read this.

Mizzle05/05/2020 22:16

Unlike say, NetFlix or Amazon that had a massice 30-50% increase run the weeks leading up to their earnings, this is quite the contrary. A tanker stock, much like real estate stocks are not growth stocks like tech. These companies reward their shareholders with dividends From their profit instead of investing back in reasearch. last year all 4 Quarters of dividends paid total of .52 cents. Q1 of this year has already paid 65% of the entire dividend of last year. This stock is a 20% yield now.

Mizzle05/05/2020 22:11

Right, i get that your reading the wors “misses” here and take it as a negative condescending term. But You have to look at the whole picture as well as the entire balance sheet. Yes it did miss the estimate that a few analyst had published, but compared to Q1 2019 of 0.12 EPS this rose to a massive 0.44 this year. its not like this stock rode up in price in anticipation to the earnings, its been falling for nearly 4 days straight here. The earnings report is by no means priced in to this stock


📨 itmdiscord@gmail05/05/2020 21:11
inflated for Q2, not for Q1.


Chris05/05/2020 21:07
Agreed this is good news, they didnt start to pick up until Q2 started


Mizzle05/05/2020 20:50
Well the market is closed lol. Lets see what happens tomorrow


Meganstout05/05/2020 20:48
You would think this would go up!?


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