Notorious 1

05/05/2020 20:30

$Walt Disney my puts should hold gah dont know how this is green
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Notorious 105/05/2020 20:36
same got till the 15th up 500 bucks but ehh hit big with wayfair so not to worried


TrashcanFerrari05/05/2020 20:34
Thanks for the money


Dinkleberg05/05/2020 20:34
hold til EOW at least


Law***com05/05/2020 20:32
it'll drop. puts are coming


Mr. Squatch05/05/2020 20:31
if this doesn't drop something is seriously wrong

Notorious 105/05/2020 20:35

right!! that's what I'm saying makes no sense at all but I'll hold I'm up 500 bucks so worst case lose some profits


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