05/05/2020 20:43

$Walt Disney Hahaha this will be back under the 60.s i call first hahahhaha
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All Comments(3)

Justin05/05/2020 20:48
95 but I've got 98 putts

Thesenutz105/05/2020 20:49

Lower lol with 93% down just wow. PPS will be under the 60.s for sure


TrashcanFerrari05/05/2020 20:46
Just hit $200


Ray123452105/05/2020 20:45
No I think 90 at the lowest but really maybe only 95

Thesenutz105/05/2020 20:46

Its like by end of the day we might be at 90. lol tomorrow And next Day under ahhahahah


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