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11/13/2020 06:54

#Entertainment Stocks Disney EPS beats by $0.45, beats on revenue

$Walt Disney (NYSE:DIS) announced FQ4 earnings results on Thursday, November 12th, after market close.

Disney FQ4 Non-GAAP EPS of -$0.20 beats by $0.45; GAAP EPS of -$0.39 beats by $0.56.

Revenue of $14.71B (-23.1% Y/Y) beats by $610M.

Disney Plus subscribers were 73.7M vs. 65.5M consensus (57.5M in FQ3); ESPN Plus subscribers 10.3M vs. 9.19M consensus (8.5M in FQ3).

Revenue: Media and Networks $7.21B vs. $6.86B consensus, Parks, Experiences & Products $2.58B vs. $2.23B, Studio Entertainment $1.6B vs. $1.98B consensus, Direct-to-Consumer & International $4.85B vs. $4.64B consensus.

There are some entertainment names, that are not only surviving in this challenging economic environment, but thriving in it. $Sony(NYSE:SNE), $Comcast (NASDAQ:CMCSA), and $Caesars Entertainment Inc (NASDAQ:CZR) are among those names.

There are more entertainment stocks we can learn about, including $Netflix, $Genius Brands, $Roku, and more.

Discussion: What's your thoughts and concerns on the entertainment industry? Considering all the entertainment stocks, which company do you think will perform significantly better than the others?

Sound off in the Webull community and discuss with other investors. Let your trading knowledge inspire others! As always, please be kind and respectful to one another.

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All Comments(13)

mcn***com12/04/2020 10:06
truly amazing results


mcn***com12/04/2020 10:06
Truly amazing results


jxa***com11/16/2020 23:16
It's knowing what stocks to invest into. however, companies decide which stocks are subject to grow the fastest


Spezzano9811/16/2020 09:13
chromecast and more entertainment that's done online


ell***com11/14/2020 02:10
what stocks should I get into


hey***com11/13/2020 23:56
Canadian Or Somewhere Else?

Just One Comment Of Ehhhhyy In The Right Context.
This Investment And Being Registered As A Clearing Broker Brings What Pros? And ConsΒΏ

Steven Fulghum11/16/2020 10:52

well brings a lot of open doors and positive influences into the main frame of the system which you were utterly responsible for don't contradict that


Devlin11/13/2020 20:07
Disney/fox and NBC/universal are pulling all of their shows and movie titles from Netflix in 2021. and you can get a standard Disney and Hulu and peacock subscription for the same price as Netflix. Going to be an interesting year..

Steven Fulghum11/16/2020 10:53

yes very true Devlin we will have to see how that pans out because it's uncertain at this moment other than a positive influence

Devlin11/13/2020 20:08

*same price as Netflix 4k package


con***com11/13/2020 18:56
What % of Disney Plus members are on free subscriptions through Verizon Etc? My free year subsc. just ended and I'm not renewing...


Ali***com11/13/2020 17:08
there not that important
you can make numbers say anything you want in quarters
$URANIUM ENERGY options expire today an there are way more puts go long big move conning


mea***com11/13/2020 17:05
how do we withdraw from webull

che***com11/13/2020 18:06



She***com11/13/2020 16:42
Which stock is good to buy fir long term ..?

Steven Fulghum11/16/2020 10:57

LG all the way

ros***com11/13/2020 18:33

you sir are πŸ’―.

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