09/16/2020 19:01

$DOW JONES Fed says it will likely take 3 years to return to pre-pandemic economic conditions. the markets, already at pre-pandemic levels, rise even higher on the news. Meanwhile 25% of the population nears retirement and are preparing to cash out, leaving future generations to add a broke and untrustworthy market to their list of inherited woes, #ThanksForNothingBoomers
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🔥Meta Research🔥09/16/2020 22:15
please, every business I see has a now hiring sign out...only Dem states struggling, the rest of us are making more money than ever.

loc***com09/16/2020 22:44

well paying jobs don't hiring by putting a sign up. working for unlivable wages is not an option for people with kids and families mortgages and debt. Just because Subway is hiring and now offering to pay you overtime, doesnt mean America is ok economically. look at United Airlines, Hilton, Macy's, and so many more massive companies planning massive layoffs, after a decade of buying back their own stock, and taking out massive PPP bailouts earlier this year. these companies should sell equity.

loc***com09/16/2020 22:24

please, 80% of US tax revenue comes from dem States. though I'm glad to hear you finally are making bank now that the minimum wage has gone up


DeerHands09/16/2020 21:05
its been almost 7 Months since the bottom of the crash, which only lasted 2 months. I'd say we're on track. 1000 away from where we were at before the pandemic. Almost a year to recover from a 2 month crash is Long enough

loc***com09/16/2020 21:20

pt 2. but the market has come all the way back(and then some outside of djia). When things turn it will mostly be this new wave of retail investors that gets screwed, ducking more and more money out of the middle class, causing fear selloffs by the investors and essentially creating a complex negative feedback loop. to switch to that from the positive feedback loop we have been in is going to create a swing that will be hard to come back from at a point when all of our resources have been used

loc***com09/16/2020 21:16

for a V shaped recovery, we certainly aren't, but for W maybe. the market is being propped to this level by so many factors. A few of the biggest being the fed buying corp debt, huge boats of taxpayer money to corporations, increased spending during the period of increased UI under the cares act and the influx of retail investors. The issue the market recovery does not line up with the underlying empirical data, even after all that additional spending, we are only about halfway back.


RobotHand$09/16/2020 19:43
Pre-pandemic economic conditions does not mean that the Dow will be where it was in febuary in 3 years from now. Remember from economics class....the economy is NOT the stock market.

loc***com09/16/2020 22:32

the GDP is the main driver in our nation's economic value, not the stock market.

loc***com09/16/2020 22:31

I totally agree, but that is exactly the issue. plutocracy fails every time. When those titans of trade decide to sell or liquidate completely, game over. on a whim the can screw over millions that is not the type of thing you want to entrust the greediest Americans with. The second issue is that the stilts the markets are standing on arent looking stable and the higher you push the further you fall. The higher they keep the markets propped up so Trump can win, the more it will hurt if he doesnt

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