11/09/2020 16:15

$DOW JONES climategate, pizzagate, jade helm, plan 21, uranium. deep state, plandemic, false flags, stolen election, seth rich, death panels, birth cert, China, bidens son, fast and furious, Benghazi, its, planned parenthood, Hillary's health, Hillary's emails, Vincent foster, etc....blah, blah, blah.

if you believe all the world's nurses and doctors are lying to you or that Bill Gates is trying to implant a vaccine in you or that all the countries election officials are secretly lying to you.... then you have obviously bought into the lies and the cult of personality.

politics for the ignorant. it's how they've been able to brainwash an entire party of conservatives into authoritarianism until they are literally the American Taliban. nationalism equals xenophobia equals authoritarianism!

seems like some of you would wise up and realize these people are just lying to you to push a trickle-down economic theory.

Embrace science and ethics and you can be an American again.
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TNQ11/09/2020 18:12
Triggered much. Should have studied more, or maybe studied and joined the military together become a CO to get commision paid by Your taxes. Oh I see the TDS vein growing. So cute

sla***com11/09/2020 18:24

you think you're the only one that served kid. reading a book would do you better.

TNQ11/09/2020 18:23


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Sure, Why Not11/09/2020 17:33
Exactly! If trickle down was functional, why then when the stimulus checks went out did businesses reap so many benefits?

People don't understand that its the inverse that is actually true.

Just like the FDA's "Food Pyramid" that was followed for decades while we watched obesity rise to epidemic levels.

Some people never learn though, easier to be an ostrich and assume that everything is "ok"


TNQ11/09/2020 16:30
Wow there, those who call people american taliban, never have met a Taliban.

sla***com11/09/2020 17:01

nationalistic, xenophobic, authoritarian, conspiratorial, theocratic, homophobic, ideological, hateful and trying to intimidate with guns and shows of strength.

believing in might makes right, war as noble, violence as virtue, empathy as weakness and weapons of death as instruments of freedom!

brainwashed by emotional contagion. sad, really.


fox***com11/09/2020 16:22
Lmfao it all been documented 🤣🤣.

Giovanni Barbieri11/09/2020 16:43

you have, I agree


mar***com11/09/2020 16:19
100% on point but wait for all the cult followers to chime in.


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