01/07/2021 16:29

$DOW JONES Yall, BLM rioted for 5 straight months. 3 cities were destroyed, burning down Targets and Walmarts, dragging people out of their cars, and murdering people who tried to stop them. What happened at the Capitol was bad, but it was nothing in comparison to what BLM did in the name of some drug addict that died from an overdose.
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itt***com01/07/2021 19:12
Mighty smart of BLM and antifa not to have Biden 2020 flags nor be obvious Democratic voters which would hurt Democrats. Oh well, no one ever accused MAGA of being smart


Blair01/07/2021 17:12
Trump supporters are labeled domestic terrorists and the FBI is going all out to find them. Get ready for the Biden/Harris re-education camps and forget about any future protests.

Bez01/07/2021 19:06

Lol what camps? You mean prison? Yeah, theyll get reeducated proper ; )

Malon ☃️Akane🐕01/07/2021 17:18

Freedom is deteriorating more and more strict laws to come


cha***com01/07/2021 17:02
all the same idiots

Bez01/07/2021 17:52

Maybe you will. trump is a con man whos conning you. he will leave you all holding the bag, I hope you enjoy

Malon ☃️Akane🐕01/07/2021 17:17

Soon you will wake up


kei***com01/07/2021 16:54
exactly. we brought the fight right to the feet of the people who are supposed to represent us which they dont and haven't in decades and we the people up until yesterday have stood by and done nothing.

for the 4 people who died yesterday Thomas Jefferson and our founding fathers would be very proud of you


Trent01/07/2021 16:52
I truly believe that the people arguing know what you are saying is true. They just want to drag as many people down with them as possible

Bez01/07/2021 17:55

You make yourselves look like clueless but evil clowns

Bez01/07/2021 17:54

Lol oh so people forced you trumpists to storm the capitol like terrorists?... yeah it was trump and giuliani committing sedition as well. Lol I watched 11 live streams at once, all full trumpists, I knew you silly f**ks would act like you didnt just do what you did or blame others... whoever was in there, will be getting a knock ; )

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Netrunner01/07/2021 16:35
The media's coverage of the BLM riots were non existent. "Fiery, but mostly peaceful" - CNN.
The media refused to call it an insurrection, but they're quick to call this one after 1 day. Why?There's seriously something wrong with our media

Bez01/07/2021 18:00

Blm protests were 94% peaceful... Trumpists are never peaceful. The technology you rely on, prove youre all full of sh*t and its laughably pathetic. Oh yeah, blm didnt storm the US capitol building with IEDs... youre done ; )

Bez01/07/2021 17:57

You realize storming the US capitol with explosives... is worse correct? I also own real estate in 3 “liberal cities”... they werent burned down. Lol this is how you can tell when its some backwoods hick who dont visit any cities too often.

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