01/07/2021 19:29

$DOW JONES So... Let me get this straight. The capitol building of the United States of America was taken over by "insurgents" during a congressional hearing and there was only one person killed (had to have a casualty to make it look somewhat believable)? And people actually believe this shit? 100% bipartisan fabrication!!! If you out one side of the government for voter fraud, you end up outing both sides. Because, let's be real here, this shit happens during every election from both sides of the fence. This entire skit was put on by the government itself. If you're too blind to see it, I don't know what to tell you.
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All Comments(13)

mar***com01/07/2021 21:02
stop eating your tin foiled hat


Trent01/07/2021 20:27


OtherPeoplesMoney01/07/2021 20:07
you guys that don't see more than the evening news.... we watch for information all day. much of the information is only visible for moments (videos, documents etc) before being wiped from the internet and ultimately memory-holed if it does get traction. They are lying to you! but you don't need to be so diligent. just look at the claims on the news. They are naked fallacy.


Cantu01/07/2021 19:59
ANIFA....you fools!!!! Dont be a bundayhoe!!!!


Panaq01/07/2021 19:50
Explosive & incendiary devices found as well.

Bez01/09/2021 06:56

... No, theyre not. Show me when theyve hunted down whites and other races, dragged them outside of their homes or businesses and murdered them like dogs. I havent seen that.

fox***com01/08/2021 14:05

BLM are Black Clansmen

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Malon β˜ƒοΈAkaneπŸ•01/07/2021 19:46
I agree it Was a setup you can tell which side the eltist are they are Hasty on getting the new world oRder put into pLace.
Its crazy how people try to live in indenial.
All purposely done by crisis actors to make the Patriots look bad

Bez01/07/2021 21:52

πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ the levels of denial youre living in and copium youre injecting, are literally lethal doses at this point.


Giovanni Barbieri01/07/2021 19:46
wanna see them go full apeshit? pull out the 25th so he can't pardon Ghislaine πŸ˜†πŸ˜…πŸ€£


kei***com01/07/2021 19:45
I saw 4 people died. and they are in my opinion should be heralded.

they have watered the tree of liberty. Thomas Jefferson should be smiling


Gambler01/07/2021 19:42
Dude just stop. Earth aint flat and Obama wasnt born in Kenya


Bez01/07/2021 19:39
Yeah no I saw this sh*t with my own eyes. You trumpists are done, no more β€œbut what abouts!” Anymore... youre terrorists, the end

Giovanni Barbieri01/07/2021 19:43

been telling them to stock up on paper bags ever since Trump lost my support in mid Mar/April.


Cin***com01/07/2021 19:38
Conspiracy theorist alert lol


Jac***com01/07/2021 19:35
4 people died actually. YoI also sound like an moron. do you even think about what youre saying before you say it? Or are you just another trumpet that says whatever they want wether its true or not?


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