Malon ☃️Akane🐕

01/07/2021 20:18

$DOW JONES Trump is a hero he has been the most effective president in the hIstory of america. he has had an astouding amount of stellar accomplishment.
Trumps motto of anerica first and his apply of pressure on tyrannical dictators.
Unfortunately The election was absolutely and unequivocally corrupted by massive well orchestrated fraud from the dEmocratic party.
But trump will win dont give up guys we still have God on our side
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Blumpkin🔥01/08/2021 08:04
Bez suck a fatty


Brian Pumper01/08/2021 04:37


Giovanni Barbieri01/08/2021 04:26
😆 🤣 😂


kei***com01/07/2021 22:30
absolutely right. look at all the peace deals he did jn the middle east. no new wars.

he accomplished a lot.

Bez01/07/2021 22:42

Yeah after having to be talked out of nuclear strikes on Iran?... to even a hurricane to “change its course”... youre all insanely dumb and deserve to be cucked


Unflushable01/07/2021 21:34
So true people don’t know how to be anything other than sheep.

Bez01/07/2021 21:38

Lol what are you going to do without your shepherds tweets? 🐑🐑🐑
Lol hes going to leave you holding the bag, just like your hair and that bald dome piece 😂


erc***com01/07/2021 21:27


Betterbullishness Bearau01/07/2021 21:02
May God help you. You'll surely need it.


mar***com01/07/2021 21:00
hey Malon- you win award for dumbest person alive- well second to orange man


Blair01/07/2021 20:51
Trump will be in jail by this summer. It will be endless investigations into his family for years. Anyone that doesnt support the Dems are domestic terrorists.

Bez01/07/2021 22:43

Luckily hes old and extremely unhealthy 😂

kei***com01/07/2021 22:30

you'll be paying for his secret service protection until he dies

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Bez01/07/2021 20:30
Lol just stop... this is getting more and more insane by the day


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