Malon ☃️Akane🐕

01/08/2021 03:44

$DOW JONES a hacker of dominion was tesitified on federal court in italy as guilty to interfere in us election. he has all the back up evidence and is under special protection. cia involved. The whole country lnows the election was stolen and yet they still certified president elect joe biden as out next president and that is so wrong.
I cannot believe we have traitors leading our contry. They should be charged with treason.
Italy Please help the american people let the truth out.
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Future Sight01/08/2021 15:37
This guy is smoking something good lol


Talisman01/08/2021 14:52
...another gigliony lie you spewing?


Nic***com01/08/2021 07:47
Youre inbred red states would run out of money

Pat***com01/08/2021 13:21



Betterbullishness Bearau01/08/2021 06:23
Please stop inbreeding.


zas***com01/08/2021 05:58
right....how odd that the 74 million that pledge allegiance to trump are crying fraud. you're seduced and emotionally manipulated by an ignorant spoiled old sociopath failure of a human being

Nic***com01/08/2021 07:46

Yup yalls inbred actions prove it. trump isnt shit

OtherPeoplesMoney01/08/2021 06:39

of course you and a few profit oriented groups are right and 74m who disagree are the sociopaths🤔


Cin***com01/08/2021 05:01
Lmaooo bro I was reading waiting to see where this went to the stock market. you talking cia and agents in italy, go hit quora or reddit with that nonsense

OtherPeoplesMoney01/08/2021 06:34

ikr😃 it's as if governments and their agencies might suppress people😃 imagine if that was happening all over the world😃what if that was the defining theme of human history😃that couldn't happen😃besides, this is the one and only country where people are (were) free😃


Netrunner01/08/2021 04:44
Hate to say this, but I think the country should be split in two. This all boils down to the continuing widening gap of representation between states. The big population states are overrepresented in the Union. According to the constitution, it's the people's right to secede from the Union when there's no equal representation

Talisman01/08/2021 14:54

perhaps you should move to russia

Malon ☃️Akane🐕01/08/2021 11:45

I agree

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mar***com01/08/2021 04:24
shut up- this is an investing forum not for your political propaganda


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