Chasing Prophets

01/12/2021 00:44


In my recent posts I have had an increasing amount of people asking me to create a social media page to share my investment decisions, signals, exit strategies and my opinions on specific securities. Well, I finally created a social media account to share more frequent up to date information and answer people's questions faster and more frequently.

I spent a few weeks trying to decide the best choice from a large list of various social media platforms and after weighing the pros and cons, I ultimately decided to create a Twitter account. It also seemed to be the most frequent one suggested by followers.

Display Name: Chasing Prophets
Username: ChasingProphet

The attached screenshot is of my Twitter account and will help to confirm that you have the correct account. Thanks again to every single person who has followed me and for all the positive comments and feedback on my previous posts. I hope to continue growing this community of respectful, positive, and motivated individuals.
Disclaimer: The comments, opinions and analysis expressed herein are for informational and educational purposes only and shoulk not be considered as individual investment advice or recommendations. Webull is not responsible or liable in any way for comments posted by pur users.


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All Comments(8)

Chasing Prophets01/17/2021 06:07
For anyone having trouble finding my Twitter account through display name or username searches. The link in the photo will take you directly to my account. I would have embedded it in my original post, but Webull doesn't allow links.


Connie Mardon01/17/2021 04:51
Super hard to find u in Twitter. Could you place a link? Tia

Chasing Prophets01/17/2021 06:14

That was my original intention to attach a direct link to my Twitter in the post. But unfortunately Webull doesn't allow links to be placed in posts. However, I just replied to my own post with a comment and attached in it a photo that shows the link to directly connect to my Twitter account, I hope that helps.


KGN-SAMAIA01/14/2021 07:00
finally you are now on Twitter.

Chasing Prophets01/14/2021 09:38

Yeah, I ended up choosing Twitter after so many Webull followers reccomended it.


ang***com01/13/2021 03:56
This is awesome and I'm so happy for you. I am going to have to open a twitter account now so I can follow you and get some much needed learning. Thank you so much for your time and help.

Chasing Prophets01/13/2021 07:00

Thank you for creating an account just to follow me, it is greatly appreciated.


Art***com01/12/2021 19:42
now I gotta open a Twitter account ahah. ty!

Art***com01/13/2021 02:08

no thank you! you save me so much time and give me new investing ideas. especially when I'm starting my semster again and do not have much time

Chasing Prophets01/12/2021 20:17

Thank you for creating an account to follow me. I intend to post information frequently on the platform.


LuisXse9001/12/2021 15:02
following 💯

Chasing Prophets01/12/2021 16:39



sri***com01/12/2021 03:46
I am following you..

Chasing Prophets01/12/2021 04:32

Thanks for the follow.


Pum***com01/12/2021 02:17
Following On twitter .. thank you

Chasing Prophets01/12/2021 04:32

Thanks for the follow.


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