02/23/2021 16:34

I can't imagine what it's like being a lefty. Just accepting a reality where nothing can be known unless it's mainstream. Those people look at the most basic tasks and are so unsure of themselves they just can't do anything. Like wait... CNN has never told me how to change a tire. How can I be sure of how to do it? I'm just gonna ask this cop that got his pay slashed. Haha. Clowns
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jos***com02/24/2021 03:18
Your statement is accurate, and they sell the theory of left handed scissors ✂️ to cut dependency out of the equation.


Ale***com02/23/2021 17:21

Betterbullishness Bearau02/23/2021 21:22

I think the jar fell on your head

Trent02/23/2021 19:40



emp***com02/23/2021 16:54
U should ask a cop how they feel about being told they are supported by trumpers and then murdered by those Same crazy trumpers that believe qanon and that their disgraced ex president is a good business person lol trent you are a joke


chr***com02/23/2021 16:52
Says someone that doesn't know trump and his followers are complete pieces of shit human beings. Middle aged white males for short.

jos***com02/24/2021 03:18

Seriously, you shouldn't be on webull.

Trent02/23/2021 16:55

Lol. Wow. How do you know the demographic of 100+ million people. That's crazy show me your ways.


Jimmy batts02/23/2021 16:43
mindless "victims"

Jimmy batts02/23/2021 18:01

are you ok? little victim boy?

Trent02/23/2021 17:17

Powerless and weak? That's the deep states mistake. Mossad. Fear the patient man.

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