09/12/2020 00:16

$DraftKings Inc I really don’t understand why everyone is confused about the dip today. The past three weeks it has grown in the same fashion as it peaks mid-late week then comes back down on Friday but always stays higher then previous week. its probably gonna hit 45-48 next week and finish at like 43-44. If you bought in just ride the wave but your still seeing growth week after week.
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prim0709/12/2020 14:26
It dipped as a result of the overall market performance. Do people not follow SPY? There no reason to be confused.

Stock Fox Trader09/12/2020 16:37

SPY finished up slightly, this finished down. You’re logic is faulty. Even if true, it just shows this company can’t rise on it’s own merits.


Paco09/12/2020 04:42
With u bro🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥💯


Jon09/12/2020 04:17
Its still a great stock and im holding my shares even added 150 to give me 6476 shares total but people have to be realistic and dont panic sell


Laboosch09/12/2020 04:00
im brand new in this game and even i could tell from its trend it would go down today😂😂


Money J09/12/2020 01:48
Yo are a better man then me. I've known this for weeks and haven't shared 🤐


Jon09/12/2020 00:24
Its not rocket science just look at the trend. I think everyone thinks it will jump like penn but be happy its climbed 30% in the last month.


Paco09/12/2020 00:20
Smart man 💯


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