11/17/2020 04:10

$DraftKings Inc i was toO confident trading draftkings i was just milking this stock every week, There was a good week where i made $3k but this is my first Major L In stocks, i didnt realize how ow the delta was on these contacts , are they even worth holding for a few bucks back or am i totally screwed on this

Any advice helps
DraftKings Inc-0
DraftKings Inc-1
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mikestarrr11/17/2020 11:26
if it was me I would rather they expired zero since they are almost already there.


Mew11/17/2020 11:25
how the hell you paid an 11.90 premium for jan calls for 60 bucks when i just paid .98 for it yesterday lol...

Mew11/17/2020 12:25

broooo hold. it. do you have IG or FB?

1take.Peso11/17/2020 11:26

Im Not even sure what i should do

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Jeepin194111/17/2020 11:22
at least yours doesn't expire Friday like mine


rob***com11/17/2020 09:57
marry the money not the game


Deadpool11/17/2020 09:44
hold for a while


Mic***com11/17/2020 09:36
like how everyone likes to think they know how the market will react and do as they think. that's more gambling then playing a runner where, you know it's running and you'll make something. so trading imo will always be the best most secure way to generate income.


..11/17/2020 05:53
Hold, still got 2 months to recover.


GreenDay11/17/2020 04:24
Hold. Not screwed. Uptrend incoming, especially when NBA restarts in December. Dont fret.


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