02/21/2021 20:12

Hope every is having a good weekend so far...but is it Monday yet?! Last week was pretty volatile in the OTC's but I'm really excited for this upcoming week These first 4 are around 1 penny...don't be surprised if they hit a nickel soon (in my own educated but unprofessional opinion!!!)

$Bravada Intl still my favorite of them all in the near term, not a question of if we see .05, but how soon. No debt, millions of revenue, low float. I added 500k more shares on Friday

$Brainybrawn up 290% on Friday!? They announced a reverse merger recently, float is even smaller than BRAV at 625mil, and apparently insiders own 40% of it. Almost the entire float traded on Friday as well. TA and Profile Verified but still not pink current. Could gap up Monday, hype is strong

$Labor SMART hype is extremely strong here too... They have a "hydrogen water" product that apparently Tom Brady's agent and company TB12 are going to be involved with somehow. CEO owns a lot of the shares, but not pink either unfortunately. Involved with the KC Chiefs/Royals as well. Big float at 8bil but they are all OS

$Saddle Ranch I read about this one last week, thankfully didn't take a position because it got crushed (like my baby BRAV), down 40%+ for the week. It's PINK! I don't love the 15billion AS with only half of them outstanding. However this one could have the best long term potential out of all the OTCs....They make modems that go on satellites to provide internet. 10+ products available for sale, Microsoft and TMobile collaborations are mentioned (need to confirm). Some people have revenue estimates in the billions?!? Its at .0083 right now, lol don't say I didn't tell you about it!!

$VISIUM TECHNOLOG Long and strong....can we get the official news about what billion dollar company you are partnering with already?!

$HCMC Big week upcoming here! The 26th is the answer date, and this could go multiple ways....

1. PM count counter claim, or 3rd party claim
2. Continuation without a finding, so basically an extension of time/the case
3. Settlement (payout for the HCMC, and sp jumps, we're all rich🤑)
4. Dismissal of the case 🥺

3/4 of them aren't great options for the share price near term....but a settlement will make us rich! watch and trade this one carefully!

$ARTIFICIAL INTEL $Dark Pulse Inc Great discounts here last week, easy long term holds
Disclaimer: The comments, opinions and analysis expressed herein are for informational and educational purposes only and shoulk not be considered as individual investment advice or recommendations. Webull is not responsible or liable in any way for comments posted by pur users.


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All Comments(10)

BrainFreeze}03/01/2021 18:45
Thank you for the work and insight! I appreciate it! 😎


FanBoy03/01/2021 04:12
you forgot inkw and wdlf

Scalping03/01/2021 04:24

I like both, owned both, made money off of both. I had them below a penny. I had 3 mil shares of INKW at .0012 area for months haha, look at it now


Texas uzumaki Naruto02/22/2021 09:57
Why sre they alll unavailable??

trentwick03/03/2021 10:59

WeBull does not trade any OTC stocks


TonyF02/22/2021 03:56
thanks for DD. Appreciate the time with this

Scalping02/23/2021 03:00

You're welcome!


Scalping02/22/2021 00:26
Not very flashy, but incredible fundamentals for an OTC

Scalping02/22/2021 00:26



Rollfat02/22/2021 00:15
Thank you for Bravada! Going to get into some DD and check them out!😀💚💯

Scalping02/22/2021 00:23

It did go up 100% since I first called it out 2 weeks ago....but its back where it started now. Would love a big week, still nobody talking about it


shaaam02/21/2021 23:00
Holding AITX, BRAV, DPLS, VISM for long term!
INKW - hidden gem, about to explode
HCMC - mid to term

Scalping02/21/2021 23:03

great list! I sold so many INKW at .002, like only 1 month ago, that I can't even look at it lately haha


Zeromancer02/21/2021 20:37
Great info! I agree wholeheartedly. Holding long on $ARTIFICIAL INTEL $VISIUM TECHNOLOG $Dark Pulse Inc $HCMC $Saddle Ranch . I am fully invested in tech stocks and playing CBD/hemp stocks due to the near political future. I also love the green energy and EV Sectors.

Scalping02/21/2021 21:12

I dont have any SRMX....need to add asap.


Conorvore02/21/2021 20:29
Great finds here buddy! I’m gonna do my DD and probably grab what I can. I think we both know that its$Bravada Intl all day everyday each way the right way my way your way we hiIiiigh!!!!!

Scalping02/21/2021 21:11

Awww yeeee


SkyLimit2102/21/2021 20:28
You have good taste in stocks. Only one i dont have is bravada

Scalping02/21/2021 21:11

Get some BRAV haha!!?!


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