09/05/2020 11:07

$DOCUMENT SEC Im sorry but I have a terrible outlook for this stock come Tuesday. it has completely underperformed during the last day to pick up the bonus shares. that being said come Tuesday there will be a sell off and it will easily go back down to low 5s and possibly 4s. this is heartbreaking as I'm still averaging 8.2. I may just sell off premarket and buy back in at the dip
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WeBull Small trades09/08/2020 02:28
who cares, this is a long play anyways


tif***com09/07/2020 16:25
Sorry but I disagree. This reminds me of PLM. I stayed in over 55 days. Have taken a huge loss after averaging down multiple times. Last week got hit with great news and went to 6.50. I would have made huge gains if I stayed in a few days longer. Dss will recover and buying more at 6 is a blessing. Id rather average down on dss then take that loss plus extra shares while I wait lol sounds appealing. Staying put intil I see at least 9.

Cycles09/07/2020 17:01

I'm all in. can't possibly avg down


joe***com09/05/2020 17:31
actually held up nicely with the entire market sell-off

Cycles09/05/2020 19:17

lmao it was mid 8s for the longest time. it was a solid buy then

joe***com09/05/2020 19:05

you're an idiot then you bought in too high 🤡

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Daddy Webucks09/05/2020 16:19
The last two days has been a bloodbath of red everywhere, which unfortunately I think took away the momentum for this stock. Bad timing.
However I'm still optimistic here, It rebounded quite well so far.


TyFly09/05/2020 13:00
or they release updated impact news that makes the stock run, then how foolish will u feel selling at a loss? I mean it's been a minute since they put out PR and they'll want to entice investors to hold out for the additional 2 shares.

Cycles09/05/2020 16:44

that would be ideal. honestly I want that to happen but shorts have been manipulating the hell out of DSS


DJ09/05/2020 12:05
It had a decent close compareed to Wednesday and Thursday. The money will come back next week. Look at the charts. Whole market was down


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$Ocugen Inc stay away from this one very popular but it's a penny stock probably doing RS its futuretmoore711💾 09/27/2020 13:59
$Sunworks looking good for Monday 🤑🤑 holding 17k shares at 2.41 per shares... down 12k🤭 but still holding this company made me 45k gains on 9/24/20sam***com 09/27/2020 00:53

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