02/21/2021 15:15

$DOCUMENT SEC Ok there is A LOT of bullish Signals behind this one. Not only in the chart but in the busineSs itself. Swing this one From these prices. Easy swing for first gap fill and it has another gap in the 14$ range. Crypto related with recent news. Earnings beat and we are trading below the Last earnings level. We have had partNers and acquisistionS along the way; undervalued!! NeXt earnings likely end of may or Early april. Longer swing but could be BIGmark this post
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All Comments(7)

Calibao02/22/2021 06:52
Also the potential juicy stock dividend


Calibao02/22/2021 06:52
Also the potential juicy stock dividend


Tem***com02/22/2021 00:23
Check out lvc-coin.com.

Bulls&Beats02/22/2021 04:44

Thanks bud


ZAYTRADELLC02/21/2021 21:48
Huge gap to fill At around 4.50 5.00 area

Bulls&Beats02/21/2021 23:10

Look back in thr chart larger gap starting at 14$. Join me or call me crazy your choice


Robertdinero6902/21/2021 20:28
Agree completely company is dumb to not drop some PR bow though when btc is making new highs

Bulls&Beats02/21/2021 23:11

Dude i feel you she will push

Tem***com02/21/2021 22:48

Im thinking this week or next


SherlockHolmes02/21/2021 19:46
Great info guys..!!! Thanks for sharing...!!


Tem***com02/21/2021 15:35
Everyone is waiting to hear if they get licensed with the sec and finra. They are starting a brokerage to trade cryptos. If you do enough research and connect the dots you will find out the are already licensed with both, they got it in janaury. now we just have to sit back and wait for them to announce it to the public. once they do, Theres no reason this Thing cant rocket over 20.

Tem***com02/22/2021 00:45

Ha thanks for appreciating It, took a lot but i connected all the dots and found quite a bit that makes me feel really confident this one is gojng to go up hi and fast. reminds me of vision fund but done much better.

Bulls&Beats02/21/2021 23:11

Awesome info man thanks


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