02/22/2021 20:04

$Ebang International Holdings Inc. Just a quick post and this one’s for everybody here, I’ve seen two comments that post that they were bag holders at $11 and a $10.91, the smart thing would be to buy three times that position and average down, the stock is currently $8.69 meaning you could take your average down to the nine dollar range, meaning you could be profitable by the time after ours closes, rather than that needs to just complain if you were learning, this is what you do you never enter into a full position you always enter in with 25% which allows you to average down three or four times

It’s a very basic or beginner strategy I give more strategies and philosophies of trading, but you would have to follow me as I release it all first on Twitter
Ebang International Holdings Inc.-0
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moheeto02/22/2021 20:10
say it again for the people in the back

Matt02/22/2021 20:13

Bro I repeat myself like a broken record and still some people don’t get it and they will only jump in when it surpasses 10 again instead of making some real profit


BIG - Money02/22/2021 20:09
And im not hating at all just giving opinion you a beast💪

BIG - Money02/22/2021 20:15

Just wanted to make sure you knew, i know theres a lot of people who just troll & try to be mean on here, and you’re %100 right definitely a good spot for medium size starter in shares im more looking for call option entry but itll be hard to time as this will make its bigger moves during PM/AH

Matt02/22/2021 20:11

And you’re always welcome to give your input, especially if it differs, I love to hear contrary in theory

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BIG - Money02/22/2021 20:08
The way this daily chart is lookin could see further downside.. i know Bitcoin routinely comes back stronger on tuesdays but this chart a little scary lookin to me 😬


Jka***com02/22/2021 20:06
I did that for a few stocks this month. brought my losses down to a minimum when it rebounded a little

Matt02/22/2021 20:07

Yes 25% at first, allows you to average down three or four times if needed


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