CNOX 805/30/2020 16:13

$Ecolab $Zynga $ChampionX Corp Unusual option activity (High volume, High open interest) This is a strong indicator?of where the "Smart Money" is trading at. Market Makers, Hedge Funds and Big Shot Callers, known as The Ax, trade here, thus the likelihood of an upcoming big move yet to be released. A good indicator of things to come. You can trade the alert or the underlying stock. You can also watch the Money Train pass you by...without you in it. Follow the money trail. ??? Our list, with current price, strike, expiry, premium, has already been posted on our trading room so the traders can do their own weekend DD. Plan to fail fail or plan to not fail. The choice is yours. email username to get on board. ????????? have a great weekend everyone ❣️. CNOX 8 Traders

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