02/22/2021 05:01

$EHang Holdings Ltd So now these guys have a class action law suit against them for misleading stock holders. Get out while you still can. And before any uninformed people start blowing this up, no i didnt short this stock nor have i ever shorted a stock. I just actually read the news and dont chase bs conspiracy theories.
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Wallstreet Hustler02/22/2021 11:52
thanks for being honest and not saying that you have NO PLANS OF TAKING A LONG POSITION if you could shake out some weak hands. Good Luck I'm in at 47 and ain't budging

ChuckD02/22/2021 13:34

Dude it wouldnt matter if you were in at $10. This compant is not real. It is a scam. They lied about their office, lied about their factory, lied about their sales, and lied about getting licenses from the US and Canada. its not paper hands its just looking at the facts.


Investor > Trader02/22/2021 05:07
Its amazing how uneducated you are πŸ˜‚

Investor > Trader02/22/2021 05:14

As youre recommending OTCs on your page πŸ˜‚ I promise I run circles around you in every aspect

ChuckD02/22/2021 05:11

β€œBro seriously bro you have to trust me bro its all a giant conspiracy theory. Sure its all based off of information the company provided on their website and SEC filings but its all not true bro. Please bro just stick more money into it. dimond hands bro. Stonks bro”
- the super β€œeducated”

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???02/22/2021 05:03
Definitely risky business!!😬

ChuckD02/22/2021 05:04

There are good risks and bad ones. When stories come out that are backed by the companies own filings which show the company is a fraud, thats a bad risk.


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