09/08/2020 07:34

$Endologix Quick update payment details either september 16, or October 16, we just waiting on pr.
Again my origional per share estimate was 1-4 per share before fda we can go as high as 7-10.
then per that news it’s figured out what happened to the Deerfield ipo which is alsO a good bye it’s not listed yet not even on the pending so again we have to hear on this.
they can cancel the entire thing out pay us and upgrade us or better option is rs plus payment for new deerfield shares. we dont have that info yet.
If they do the buyout dividend you can not be in this stock then buy for 48 hours and get paid also.
Disclaimer: The comments, opinions and analysis expressed herein are for informational and educational purposes only and shoulk not be considered as individual investment advice or recommendations. Webull is not responsible or liable in any way for comments posted by pur users.


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All Comments(11)

JD09/11/2020 02:12
Sorry never been in any of these situations before so trying to make sure I understand and don't mess up haha, but if they do the buyout dividend what will happen? What do we have to do to get paid? Just want to make sure I understand what to do since it says about can't be in this stock for 48 hrs and get paid also

JD09/14/2020 02:32

I need the help so I can't Thank You enough! I also greatly appreciate that you'll help!!

23rdhrentertainment09/11/2020 05:23

We get pr either way and sec filing no sorry if you dont know ill help no issue


Neigel09/09/2020 09:43
Debating on getting more in otc


Armani09/09/2020 01:13
how do you know the dates ??

23rdhrentertainment09/09/2020 09:51

I have scanners for everything


Profitz77709/08/2020 16:31
thanks for the update👍🏿


Ashe09/08/2020 14:40
Starting to think you’re paid by them to keep us quiet... 👀

23rdhrentertainment09/08/2020 14:41

Webull yes this stock no


Sethgear09/08/2020 14:20
I sure hope you're right! I'd be a happy camper even if its 0.5!

bjd***com09/08/2020 16:47



Neigel09/08/2020 14:04
Appreciate the info


Lefty09/08/2020 13:44
thanks for the info


?09/08/2020 08:23
be happy at 1 to 4 per share, but heck, 7+ would be awesome......


23rdhrentertainment09/08/2020 07:48
Your welcome im in big i want my money!


air***com09/08/2020 07:42
thanks a lot for the info


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