09/16/2020 16:18

$Endologix OK here we go with this one we’re only in the afternoon they can even announce the news after hours like six 7 o’clock right now no news iF so October 16 From pandemic only. again got fda during hault my origioNal was 1-4 now 7-10 or more because they got something new then deerfield ipo is a buy lets just see now when this closes out aNd watch your messages you have to opt in your shares for deerfield or just take payment. Me right now with this chaos I’m just gonna take the payment have a good day and I’ll get in on DeerField later. As Soon as I can sell my shit from TD and close that account and transfer every fucking thing over here. Bullshit artist that’s what they are
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OAT09/17/2020 02:58
You must not like TD.. I use then for OTC, Pink list stocks only.

23rdhrentertainment09/17/2020 03:01

I had them from the beginning it was their service they changed


Zac***com09/16/2020 19:21
Whats the significance of the 16Th for each month?

23rdhrentertainment09/16/2020 19:53

I work here im in app devolpment and youtube also just have a bad housing situation and i could not even claim my pay i was hacked by condemmed housing where i live.

23rdhrentertainment09/16/2020 19:51

So pretty much sec coming raining down on the idiots

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23rdhrentertainment09/16/2020 17:13
If you mean devil than yes i like my hell stocks


Dmtz1309/16/2020 16:29

23rdhrentertainment09/17/2020 11:25

No ty for standind up

Bkp***com09/16/2020 23:28

sorry 23rd i also thought you were the guy also

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