01/07/2021 06:22

$Ethereum Bulls we should all sell together so this can have a healthy pull back, then we all buy back in. I sold mine 2 days ago because this needs to cool off, the tsi on the weekly is 96. The higher it goes the worse the pull back. I’m not trying to get you to panic sell or anything you never know this might shoot up to 1400, but might dip any second now. If you have a low average hold unless you wanna sell and buy the dip. But just think about it no way the manipulaters let everyone make money without squeezing. Good luck.

Bullish long, scared now.
“Scared money don’t make money” but doesn’t lose it rn as well, all about risk management.
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Milagro01/07/2021 06:52
Why would i sell when I’m seeing stairs. You sold way too early, Now you want to get in below $1000, when EMA50 is at $1131.82 on the 2 hour chart. The time is to buy now specially when it broke resistance from 2 years ago. My PT is $4750-6000 a share.

EmilyB01/07/2021 07:11

Because I can maximize my profit that way. and no doug idc if you agree with me or not, there’s a diffence between dream and living a reality. Just think about this when this pulls back.

Doug Kong01/07/2021 07:07

I’m thinking she needs people to agree with her so she can feel better about selling early. It’ll justify her sell. Not buying it

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ThatOneTrader01/07/2021 06:47
Lol did you sell at 700?

EmilyB01/07/2021 06:49

And I will buy back but there is no way this doesn’t cool off soon.

EmilyB01/07/2021 06:48

Sold at like 1200, was holding from 507


StockerIT01/07/2021 06:42
How about you worry about your own money. Like come on who are you fooling, you sold for a measly profit, now you want to spread fear. Sucks to be you

EmilyB01/07/2021 06:48

Not tryna spread fear, that’s facts bro nothing runs foever without pulling back, wake up. I sold at 1200 was holding since 507


codak01/07/2021 06:29
ehhhh I'll wait


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