01/07/2021 21:54

$Ethereum look i got a few questions that I'm asking for people personal] opinion on.

1. I have 4.55 ETH coins I purchased at 618.00, 5 lite litecoin @$87.00 and 1.5 BCH i got at 350.00.

2. good idea to consolidate everything into ETH?

3. or move everything into BTC for the 40k+ run and move back into ETH? I'm trying to maximize profit.

please let's leave the negative and bs comments on other people's posts. if you don't like the conversation, back out and keep on scrolling. on the other hand thank you anyone who decides to comment.
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EsoHealth01/07/2021 22:20
Stay right where you are.


BILLYBOB12301/07/2021 22:05
Get rid of litecoin and get ethereum becuase kts just Bitcoin but cheaper thats my opion keep 1 bitcloin buT Put the fraction ethereum


Ric***com01/07/2021 22:04
I personally would hold your eth for a Few months it should get up into the .1 or .15 btc range and then Start consolidating.. sell it for btc and hold until it peaks, then convert back tWo eth for the next two weeks and caSh out.. were talking about over the course of the next year if this run Is anything like the last one.. im not a fan of litecoin or bCh tbh


Vaya con dios01/07/2021 22:03
A lot of people in the crypto game think an alt season is going to happen and ETH & LTC will gain big. Im just holding. Trying to chase or time it is hard even for high level traders.


ant***com01/07/2021 22:01
At this point I believe the cerium has a higher percentage gain and it’s good to hold Eth


MarkJr01/07/2021 22:01
To minimize risk putting everything in ETH. would be the Best bet.
ETH will continue to Increase throughout the year with the way the market is going the only downfall would be that you are losing coins on the other crypto.
Buying bitcoin @ 40k and selling @100k would be nice but you could get more ETH coins now and have the chance to have more coins @40k than 1 btc if this really takes off.

I dont know anything about any other crYpto besides btc or eth so i Have no leads on how potential they really could be.

but good luck!

MarkJr01/07/2021 22:10

If eth takes off enough id sell that and put it too bch. same w btc sell and put into eth.

Its just some ideas over time.

Redemption 01/07/2021 22:09

I appreciate it thanks.. everyone dying ETH. I mean idk about jumping back nd forth from btc to ETH. I only have like 8k to play with rn.

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big money 💰 01/07/2021 22:00
stay dont move !!

Redemption 01/07/2021 22:11

wow great job!


BILLY RAY MCARTHUR01/07/2021 21:57
Yeah just set a limit sell


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