Brandon S

09/05/2020 01:52

$Evofem Not sure why nobody on here does research on their own. To new traders, there is high probabIlity of this going up because of them launching in the U.S. next week as well as a couple of other noteworthy events. The option chain is still pointing to this going up, at least until the 18th and there is a chance of 16.84% of this hitting $5 by that same time. This is closing higher than it was a week ago and showing good indicators. People saying it’s going to hit 10 next week are either dumb or misguidedly thinking that webull traders have enough impact to shift this stock in their favor. It will probably start out rocky tuesday and go up with news. Quit getting your trading advice from the comments section of this app. To include my own. Google something ffs.
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Midge’s Sister09/05/2020 04:22
But sometimes, there are pearls of wisdom that come out of these posts.


jos***com09/05/2020 03:04
I dont know why so many people think every stock is going to run 300%😊


MJF Invest09/05/2020 02:56
I hear you. I agree mostly. I think it can get a little higher than 5 depending on when the news drops and commercials start to run, could possibly see high 6's maybe even low 7's In my opinion. We saw it jump to 8 on the fda decision right? I'm not expecting the same reaction but I certainly think there will be a pop throughout the week and then a slight pull back and settle into that 4.50 or 5 dollar range.

Brandon S09/05/2020 03:00

We’re in agreement, it’s well within the realm of possibility. I’m actually holding calls on this so I feel bullish on this for sure, I just disagree with people misleading others that it, for a fact, will hit that high.


Patience Trader09/05/2020 02:04
Yea $4-5 is more realistic . Somebody compared this to GNUS, True Rookie for sure.

Brandon S09/05/2020 02:11



Jackadelic 09/05/2020 01:58


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