09/11/2020 21:42

$Evofem I told , the gel is much worse than the pills. unless the gel is used for lubrication. I'll give you a life hack. Our grandmothers used a 5% vinegar solution with water immediately after the act. it may not be very inconvenient, but it always worked 100%. And most importantly, it doesn't cost you. Some are idiots expected it to cost $ 35 per share, funny. The EVFM hit 52 weeks lowes today. How much time is needed to get back? Whatever I know, I won't give my prediction anymore for people, to except to nasty things from some idiots.
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All Comments(10)

syr***com09/12/2020 00:48
I find it funny to read your messages. none of you caught the main point of my post. what's wrong with all of you people? You have a full degradation of a brain. you didn't understand what I was writing about. you are so pathetic and disgusting.


all***com09/11/2020 22:53
Fucking vinegar lmao.

syr***com09/12/2020 00:39

I ll survive and know how is. If it happened to late lern.

all***com09/12/2020 00:21

I hope the survivors aren't using any type of contraceptive after a nuclear war

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jos***com09/11/2020 22:10
The contraceptive market is worth over 8 billion but this bozo says just use vinegar and water so I guess thats what we will do boys.


luk***com09/11/2020 22:05


bre***com09/11/2020 22:02
oh good lord...obgyn here. please stop. vinegar 100% does not work for contraception. In addition, it kills the good natural bacteria leading to an overgrowth of bad bacteria and nasty infections.

Prophet09/12/2020 11:52

😂 history? people also used to think if you were sick you had ghost in your blood and would bleed you out or give you cocaine 😂😂😂 you need to read a science book bro

syr***com09/12/2020 00:31

your generation knows nothing about previous time. Read smart history books sometimes, blondie. your hair color burns your brain .

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edm***com09/11/2020 21:50
Vinegar and water ?!! Maybe thats why you are so stupid lmao

syr***com09/12/2020 00:06

I don't tell you to use it, this is grandma's was used. if your grandma stupid is you stupid also. open the club for idiots same as you. Read history, I think you don't know what is books. No reason explain to people with low IQ.


mastermachiner 09/11/2020 21:49
1st of all. you cant say it worked 100% of the time, about a home remedy contraceptive. when you are blah..blh.. blah-ing about a contraceptive that obviously didnt work @ least once. (poof .. one of your parents were born)
2nd of all anyone that reads the comment section for sound, legitimate, risk free trades. should .... maybe buy or make some contraceptives. jmo

bre***com09/11/2020 22:03

I guarantee you. It worked 0% of the time.


syr***com09/11/2020 21:47
plan B pill is cost around 40$


syr***com09/11/2020 21:45
I mean ,exclude to nasty things


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