El flaco

05/05/2020 21:24

$Diamondback i ve lost a lot if money today w this shit. made the wrong move. i just got to learn to take profits
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Mr.Johnson21405/06/2020 05:46
Lesson learn with this one when it went to $47.


Ken***com05/06/2020 00:17
How much did you get in for??


gavinar05/05/2020 22:51
dont sweat it. it will go up again. look at the trend from past 3 months-keeps rising back to original levels

Ken***com05/06/2020 00:35

Bad advice, because the market wasn't responding to a pandemic/virus the last 3 months. At the most 1 month, this shit is getting worse and destroying business financial services. The employment rate is not improving and definitely no V shape recovery, So thinking things going to be like it was before soon. Will only cause more frustration, stress and for some, financial disaster. So please folks play it smart and be very patient.


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