02/19/2021 23:13

$FuelCell Energy again you all want to attack me off your hopes and aspirations your stock has been falling for over weeks you were hoping it gets back to 30 so you get your money back I lost nothing I'm almost a spokesperson for my side it didn't fluctuate today it beat the market somebody said I shouldn't be posting stuff because you guys might miss something important the truth is if you're such an investor and you're into this company you shouldn't be worried like you are and you should know what is going on with your company but you don't look at your comment charts you're hoping you go back
FuelCell Energy-0
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All Comments(9)

NF_9102/20/2021 22:53
This guy is just mad he doesnt have any money to buy in at $20 per share. 🤪


JP Moar Gains02/20/2021 00:46
sure, green energy isnt the future

TraderX✖️02/20/2021 01:33

@charlie_white007 yes these are facts but the infrastructure required to implement nuclear on a large scale requires astronomical financing . Along with convincing the public population that nuclear energy is safe to use, that everyone wont get cancer, and that plants wont meltdown is part of the issue as well. The publics perception needs to be changed drastically.

Charlie_white00702/20/2021 01:24

Nuclear is a zero-emission clean energy source. It generates power through fission, which is the process of splitting uranium atoms to produce energy. The heat released by fission is used to create steam that spins a turbine to generate electricity without the harmful byproducts emitted by fossil fuels

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Charlie_white00702/20/2021 00:26
the company has actually lost money from where it was a year ago if you look at it the only thing that helped this company was the crash last February cuz you can get it for so cheap


KingpenQ02/20/2021 00:20
"Falling for over weeks"? What the hell are you talking about? It started falling last Thursday and yesterday was the last day. That was exactly one week.

Charlie_white00702/20/2021 00:24

actually it started falling on the 9th which was a Tuesday


Charlie_white00702/19/2021 23:27
here's my question for all of you Geniuses how much do you think it's going to keep dropping before it grabs this time

ste***com02/19/2021 23:48

it's already recovering what are you talking about


Harvard MBA 02/19/2021 23:24
sounds like you're salty you panic sold. get over it kid life lesson. dont hurt yourself 🤣

Charlie_white00702/19/2021 23:26

I can't keep repeating myself for idiots go hold your bag if you would like to make money go look up u e c or u r g that's the only advice I can give you besides that don't quit your day job you're not too good at trolling little buddy


Daddy Starbuck02/19/2021 23:22
Why did u steal 101 skateboard logo.

Charlie_white00702/19/2021 23:24

Green Lantern genius how old are you


bro***com02/19/2021 23:19
didn't you just post a negative message on plug power platform?

Charlie_white00702/19/2021 23:24

no I didn't give anything negative to plug plug is a great company I just get information how about other things that are going on to try to help people expand your portfolios and expand your mind but I see here close minded haters


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